Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Love (paint on glass animation)

"My Love" (Oscar Nominees) by Russian animator Alexander Petrov, based on novel "The story of my love" by the Russian writer Ivan Shmelev, which was published in the 1920's

" The story about the first love of the sixteen-year-old boy Anton. He is torn apart by his feelings for a pure and gentle girl and a femme fatale. Anton is not sure which one is the right one and his faltering steps mix up with the romantic craving for purity and heroism
The story goes through various relationships. Anton dreams of his beloved ones, argues with his cynic friend or witnesses unfaithfulness and murder in his neighborhood. The boy's own aristocratic family is another source of tension because of class bias — Pasha, one of the Anton's beloved girls, is just a maid in their home. Serafima, the other woman who fires his imagination, has a bad reputation but the young protagonist is happily unaware of it. Every time Anton touches or stares at one of the girls he sees himself in a mythological plot of rescuing her or dives deep in the imaginary sea of emotions. After a series of shy looks, presented snowdrops, secret letters or feverish kisses through the fence the story comes to an unfortunate end. Anton suddenly experiences a mental breakdown when he is disappointed by Serafima's devilish nature. Then Pasha becomes a nun in a monastery to pray for his recovery. At the very end, the young boy wakes up a man who has lost his first love."
Here is three parts with some english subtitles:

"My Love" is 27 minutes long, but it took more than three years to complete. This film is truly handmade and beautifully painted on multiple glass sheets in oils with fingertips and then photographed. The technique is called '"revived painting"


Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

Thanks for sharing Selya. I watched the movie...the paintings are lovely and such a sweet simple story

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