Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Buddha Bar X

I started listening to the Buddha bar series about 6 years ago. Since that I own all Buddha-bar cd's and must say some of them I really enjoyed some of them was hmm..a little disappointed but anyway when I see new album is out I knew I must to buy it!:)

"It's already been 10 years since the Buddha-Bar compilations adventure started : To celebrate this magical moment, Ravin takes over the decks and offers an inspitational playlist. In the footsteps of Buddha-Bar IX, with it's electro tint and acoustic spices from the four corners of the World, Buddha-Bar X should appeal to all music fans as Ravin incorporates tracks from Nitin Sawnhey,Waldek,Pier Bucci or Shantel." (

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LallaLydia said...

I enjoyed listening to these samples, and I didn't know it was possible to insert playlists into a blog! (So much to learn, so little time...)
I hope you'll do a new post soon, I check in often...

Maybe to nudge you along a little bit :) you'll think about playing "tag" with me: You're it! (see my blog)

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