Friday, February 8, 2008

my little suzani

(painting on silk 5" x 5")

Suzani - embroidered textiles from Central Asia came from word "sozan", which means "needle" in Iranian and Tajik,
These textiles were made of several panels of cotton or linen cloth that were embroidered with colorful silk threads. To create the piece the designs were first drawn on the panels in ink by a family member or a hired professional. Many different motifs/patterns that are now largely abstract, or so stylized as to seem abstract, have very old roots and the indicate where they were produced.

Female family and friends of a young girl joined together to help her embroider different panels, and after the embroidery was complete, the panels would be sewn together to form the finished cloth, that would become part of her dowry and the decor of her home upon marriage.
Suzani may be used as walls hangings, bedding, table covers, and curtains among other decor and so come in different sizes and shapes

I love suzani!:)
more info about this beautiful textile- Central Asian Textiles-Contemporary Uzbek Suzanis,


LallaLydia said...

I (and about everyone else on the design/deco blogosphere) adore suzanis too! Yours is beautiful and wonderfully accentuated by that frame (and the gourds). I think that central photo of the group of women embroidering is fantastic, where did you find it? They are true artists, those women.

PS: Rose City Kitty is me too :)

Sylvie said...

I am discovering the beauty of suzanis. Great that you've chosen one to lead me from anindiansummer to your blog!Thanks so much for the links:gorgeous!
Your silk painting is delicate and beautiful. Long ago I used to paint on silk too . Now I live in Lyon (France) , in the very place where the silk was woven and painted...
I love the design you have chosen fo your blog and its name and what it evokes ( I can relate to this / My blog is named "karavan" ...)

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