Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Grocery bags

Here is a canvas grocery/shopping bags I made few days ago.
I used leftovers from a chair reupholster and old bf jeans, t-shirts
Sorry for poor quality of photo, just want to show a size of the bag
I heart big bags!:)


Anonymous said...

I Love these bags! They are functional and Great designs.
I can carry 3 or 4 plastic bags full of groceries in one of these.
Thanks so much

Selya said...

Thank you silly:)

Pea said...

Love those bags .. Such a great idea to reuse/recycle stuff

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

I absolutely love big bags and there are so many beautiful handmade/crafted options available nowadays:-)

The name 'Chaikhana'intrigued me:-)
since I am a Chai-lover and followed the link from Lotushaus:-)

Great blog...

LallaLydia said...

Awesome! You should sell these on Etsy! I love the lion one, it reminds me of Scythian art (the golden jewelry)...Kudos for carrying your own grocery bags. I take a canvas one and a big shopping basket I bought in Fez, Morocco.

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