Thursday, October 6, 2011

Alexander McQueen SS 12 Paris
00100h 00101h 00120h
00010h 00011h 00020h
00060h 00061h 00050h
00070h 00071h 00090h
00130h 00151h 00160h
00170h 00180h 00181h
00190h 00191h 00200h
00210h 00220h 00221h
00230h 00231h 00250h
00240h 00241h 00260h
00270h 00271h 00290h
00300h 00311h 00310h
00320h 00331h 00330h


Brian said...

Guo Pei is great too. And I also find inspiration in the work of Jean Paul Gaultier.

I thought this was a beautifully presented post.

chris said...

lovely photos, really inspirational garments.

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