Friday, May 8, 2009

“Eatable of Many Orders” 
designers team couple from Tokyo.

the phrase “Eatable of Many Orders” comes from a story about a restaurant which gives orders to customers rather than taking orders from them. 
They're  using only natural ingredients for their collection, such as vegetable tannin leather, mochi-rice glue, cotton, linen treads, wood, natural fabrics and dyes etc.  
"We would like to present our products like food and its ingredients with aesthetic sense and sensibility"


Anaka said...

How interesting! Do you think the clothes last as long- I mean, are the clothes perishable like food? They look lovely in any case, and the shoes are adorable. You have a lovely blog! I've been eyeing your ikat photos for a long time.

Selya said...

Thanks I'm glad you like my blog:) Yes I agree very nice line. No, I would not believe they are perishable but rather that they are using all natural fabric fiber and natural dyes from flowers and plants

Anaka said...

I thought they may be perishable because I read about the mochi-rice glue in your post. Natural fibres and dyes have been used for centuries- and I myself use only natural fibres for my line.

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